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Take Control of Your Business Future

We’re seeing amazing collaboration across borders and industries to help the world respond and heal from the impact of COVID-19. And we’re seeing astounding examples of resolve and leadership within organizations like yours.


Together, we can equip your business to take control amidst the chaos of today so that you can ensure business continuity, take care of the people that define your company, support your customers, and create your best future.

How We Can Help You Right Now

With SAP’s people initiatives, you have the tools to keep moving forward together, even in times when we’re apart. Companies can return to work with confidence and work remotely with easy and efficiency.

By helping you see everything that can affect your business, suppliers, people and customers’ experiences, we can face these challenges together. Companies are able to build financial, procurement and supply chain resiliency while improving resource efficiency and controlling costs.

Together with SAP you’ve got the vision and knowledge to deliver exactly what your customers need and to positively transform their experiences.

Free Offers from SAP Partners

In addition to SAP offerings, we want to connect you to free offerings from partners. Our vibrant ecosystem of 21,000+ partners offers many solutions to help support businesses through COVID-19 challenges. Together with our partners, we are committed to jointly deliver success to your business – now and in the future.

See How SAP Customers Are Helping Our Communities

Supporting automakers on the road to recovery

See how automotive technology leader Faurecia S.A. builds on its investment in digital manufacturing to keep production lines running and employees safe.

Keeping automotive workers and machines healthy

Learn how INDEX-Werke uses an online parts, service, and IoT platform to enable its technicians to work safely and effectively through remote support.

Getting healthcare workers the protection they need

Find out how SAP partner Premikati enabled ViaQuest Home Hospice to get the personal protective equipment its employees desperately needed in less than a day.

Making employee well-being the number one priority

Learn how Ko? has been able to understand and address the needs?of its 95,000 employees during the global pandemic.?

Delivering on its promise to feed a nation

Discover what Brakes did to keep customers fed and its business going during the pandemic.

Giving compassionate care to 240,000 ER patients

Find out how Parkland is able to predict ER volume and workflows to keep hospital staff prepared so they can deliver compassionate care to ER patients even during the busiest of times.?

Accurately predicting customer demand and product pricing during a pandemic

Find out how SAP Ariba Discovery helped agribusiness leader Al Dahra create a single supplier platform to promote food security and farming sustainability during the global health crisis.

Helping students and families in need find critical resources

Learn how GENYOUth and SAP have teamed up to create SAP4Kids, a program to help students and families in need access food and other related resources during the current health crisis.

Supplying medical facilities with critical operational services

Discover how Zuellig Pharma uses SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services to supply more than 350,000 medical facilities across Asia with distribution, digital, and commercial services during the COVID-19 crisis.?

*Offers valid for a limited time and additional restrictions may apply. For more details associated with the offers presented on this page, please visit the linked pages.

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