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Industry Cloud

Drive cost-effective transformation and sustainable growth with innovative, vertical industry cloud solutions from SAP.

SAP's industry cloud delivers benefits

Learn about SAP's industry cloud portfolio and how it delivers innovative, vertical solutions for SAP customers.


See how organizations in any industry can rapidly respond to change and transform their business.

Industry 4.0

SAP's Industry 4.Now strategy brings together manufacturing, logistics, sales, and services to achieve value in a short period of time.

Augment your intelligent enterprise with industry cloud solutions

Your business is unique. Together with our partners, we can help you drive cost-effective transformation and sustainable growth via a wide range of specialized applications designed to address specific industry needs. Built by SAP and our partners on an open platform-as-a-service, using SAP Cloud Platform, these solutions work together with your existing systems extending the value of your investments.

Industry cloud delivers value for your intelligent enterprise

Simplify the provisioning of high-value vertical solutions to drive new opportunities and rapidly address current business challenges with industry cloud.

Vertical solutions can drive outcomes for your core business and help accelerate business operations, while balancing cost efficiencies.

Purpose-built solutions by SAP and our partners on an open platform with advanced technologies can help simplify the provisioning of high-value vertical solutions.

Solutions that are interoperable with our intelligent suite and SAP Business Network can help optimize and extend core business processes.

Industry cloud – benefits for everyone

Core process transformation is needed more urgently than ever before to cope with the effects of rapidly changing market conditions. Agility in the end-to-end industry value chain is critical to your success. How can you benefit from industry cloud?

Business leaders

  • Ensure resilience, efficiency, and flexibility, while supporting strategic transformation
  • Choose from a wide selection of specialized, cutting-edge solutions that are easy to explore and consume
  • Enhance and extend business capabilities, while maintaining process integrity and compliance


  • Respond to changing business requirements, while minimizing integration and support costs
  • Enable continuous innovation, while protecting the security and integrity of business processes
  • Increase automation and support business transformation in a safe, controlled way

Ecosystem partners

  • Take advantage of new business opportunities with an integrated go-to-market model
  • Accelerate solution innovation and development
  • Support industry-specific innovation and the ability for any industry to run as an intelligent enterprise

Hear from our partners

SAP’s decision to double down on delivering industry core functionality via strategic collaborations is creating exciting opportunities for us to work together and deliver value to our joint customers through innovative new solutions. Our joint solution combining real estate and experience data from SAP with building operational data from Honeywell Forge is a great example.

David Trice
Chief Product Officer & Vice President General Manager, Connected Buildings, Honeywell

As organizations seek intelligent industry workflows enriched by data-to-value scenarios, SAP and IBM are well-positioned to leverage the combined power of our leading technology and deep industry expertise to address this market demand head-on. We are looking forward to partnering with SAP to further help customers transform their businesses, leverage data-driven insights to make more reliable decisions, and accelerate their move to the Intelligent Enterprise with end-to-end industry cloud solutions.

Keith Costello
IBM Global Vice President & GM, SAP Practice, IBM Services


Learn more about the value of SAP’s industry cloud for your business

Industry cloud spotlight for utilities

Energy services innovation has now moved beyond the monopoly of marketing and engineering and requires next practices through vertical processes for energy generation and storage, water, and waste management.

Industry cloud spotlight for automotive

Innovation needs to be integral to each discipline to evolve next practices to the vertical edge to create solutions for processes like configure, price, and quote; self-billing; and returnables management.

Industry cloud spotlight for consumer products

Consumer products companies have been focused on getting great products on the shelves at a fair price. It will now take next practices driven by vertical processes to inspire, educate, and personalize.

Industry cloud spotlight for engineering, construction, and operations

Construction companies have crossed the efficiency inflection point and need to efficiently design and construct with next practices driven by vertical processes to connect the construction project value chain.

Ready to take the next step?

Start your journey with industry cloud

Contact us to learn more about using industry cloud solutions from SAP and the business results you can achieve.

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