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Simplify travel, expense and invoice management for total visibility and greater control

Submit and approve expenses from anywhere, capture?travel no matter where it's booked, and automate and integrate your AP?processes.

Concur Expense

Connect expense data and see it all in one place to simplify and take control of spend management.


Automated, faster processes

Simplify?the spend management process, from system implementation to submitting expense?reports, with user-friendly tools.

One view of spend

Get a single view of all employee spend to better manage?budgets, forecast accurately, and drive policy compliance.?

Integrated spend data

Bring?all spend data into a single system so you can manage expenses end-to-end and?make more strategic decisions.

Expenses on the go

Create, submit, and approve expense reports from any?device to work from anywhere and increase productivity.

Our employees were taking about an hour to fill out their travel and expenses. Once we brought SAP Concur solutions onto our global platform, it took it down to five minutes.

Amber Starkey, Manager, Supplier Financial Services, Cardinal Health Watch the video

Concur Travel

Get visibility into all travel bookings and spend, always know where travelers are, and provide tools employees will love.


Connected travel

Connect your travel ecosystem and see how much?you’re spending with user-friendly tools and applications.

Reporting tools

Leverage reporting tools to unlock data that can?help you make better decisions and control travel spend before it happens.

Transparent travel data

Gain visibility into all travel data?to control spend, enforce compliance, and capture?data wherever travel is booked.

Organized, consolidated itineraries

Book travel and manage itineraries from any device and locate any traveler, anywhere, to fulfill Duty of Care requirements.

What SAP Concur solutions provide is a seamless solution, from the moment you book your travel to the moment you come back home.

Helder de Freitas, Travel Specialist, Discovery Watch the video

Concur Invoice

Automate invoice management, from purchase requests to payments, and track every penny in a single, easy-to-use system.


Automated accounts payable

Automate?invoice management to eliminate paper, reduce tedious manual tasks, and prevent?costly errors.

Connected invoice solutions

Integrate with any ERP or accounting system?and connect with solutions from other vendors across the procure-to-pay?lifecycle.

Electronic invoice capture

Capture e-invoices or use OCR technology to?eliminate paper invoices, save time, and reduce errors and double payment.

On-time vendor payments

Track?and control the timing of payments to pay vendors on time and take advantage of?early payment discounts.

SAP Concur solutions allowed us to streamline the whole progress and process of an invoice through payment. Adding Concur Invoice has decreased the amount of time that I’ve spent chasing down paper invoices by 50%.

Karen Grobert, Staff Accountant, Recordati Rare Diseases Watch the video

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The SAP Concur team

Innovation and the changing face of business

Listen to “The Intelligent Business” podcast from The Wall Street Journal to learn about issues facing businesses today and how emerging technology can help.

Meggie Clemens
Sr. Digital Marketing Manager
SAP Concur

Try our interactive Concur Expense demo

Check out our interactive demo to experience Concur Expense for yourself and see just how fast and simple the expense reporting process can be.

Jennifer Rodriguez
Sr. Manager, Global Audience Marketing
SAP Concur

How finance and IT can take the lead in business growth

Learn about the value of finance and IT leaders coming together to share expertise, simplify processes, control spend, and make data-driven decisions.

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SAP can call you to discuss any questions you have.
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